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Welcome to Greystones

Greystones exists because of the vision of the Dattels family and their determination to bring this iconic building back to life. The welcome you’ll receive upon arrival is heartfelt, convivial and polished. The versatile kitchen team is conversant in a wide range of styles, from rustic pastas, to classic French country cooking using only the best possible ingredients. We can accommodate you whether it’s a first date or family feast, or even just a quick glass of red and a burger on your way home.

Our Lounge

The Greystones’ Lounge sets off the building’s historic stone with a soaring glass wall that fills the room with natural light.

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All day.... at Greystones Cafe

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“I have long wanted to bring the Greystones’ spirit of hospitality and a much loved building back to life. To my mind, no one knows hospitality better than the team who has practised it for many years — from the Glen Tavern to Scaramouche.. and now to Greystones. Join us in the new year as we open our doors to welcome you.”

— Jennifer Dattels, Partner

Jennifer Dattels