two large horseshoe shaped tables set for service in a historic dining room

Be in the warm company of friends & family.

A restaurant unlike any other.

The Restaurant at Greystones

Housed in the heart of the original building, Greystones’ Restaurant offers warmth and conviviality. The rustic, heirloom characteristics of this space are surrounded by a beautiful hand painted, botanical-inspired mural, giving the room its unique allure.

Set off to one side, The Solarium, hung with antique paintings on its thick stone walls, remains a cozy and much requested adjunct to the main room.

  • a small bar in a historic restaurant with sparkling wine bottles chilling on top and cabinets containing wine glasses behind
    1 / Greystones Dining Room
  • small private tables beside a fireplace in a cozy historic dining room
    2 / Greystones Dining Room
  • a dining table set for service in a historic dining room with stone walls containing framed art
    3 / Solarium Room
  • dining room at Greystones' Restaurant with dimly lit booths
    5 / The Greystones Restaurant
  • Greystones Upstairs at Greystones' with long dining tables
    6 / Function Room
  • exterior patio of Greystones Restaurant with people dining by patio light at dusk
    7 / Exterior of Restaurant
  • interior of Greystones' Lounge and bar area in brick lined room
    8 / Greystones Bar Lounge

The Greystones’ Lounge

Where the past and future meet, the Greystones’ Lounge sets off the building’s historic stone with a soaring glass wall that fills the room with natural light. The long marble bar top anchors a hand painted wraparound red feather mural tying in Red Feather’s history with the original Graham’s Tavern.